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Spreading Stories As A Story-Educator: Meet Storyteller Geeta Valecha

Storytellers are by default explorers. They hunt for stories in every place they visit, every person they meet; always enthusiastic to meet new people and try out new things. Experiences for them are as important as air and water, and they are ready to escape into a magical world at the drop of a hat. Geeta Valecha is a storyteller who believes in the therapeutic powers of storytelling. Stories, she believes, provides a sense of satisfaction and happiness to not just the audience but also the teller. The enthusiasm and curiosity of her little listeners is what gives her the power to explore and tell new stories.

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young professionals programme

Young Professionals Programme – Publishing & Content Industry

Publishing and content development is witnessing a lot of “intrapreneurship” projects being taken up by the employees who are responsible for new product development, with focus on consumer insights data. The Young Professional Programme is a programme that provides the training and guidance to such professionals.

This year, the Young Professional Programmeis being held on 2nd -3rd December 2016 at the India International Centre New Delhi. The training focusses on new product development strategies for publishing and content industry and seeks participation from professionals from the Editorial, Operations and Sales & Marketing streams. Continue reading

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Teacher Turned Storyteller: The Story of Sadhna Menon

Storytellers often cite immense joy in telling stories to little children and toddlers. They are uninhibited, responsive and extremely imaginative. This aspect of little kids is what appealed to Sadhna Menon and turned her into a storyteller. A chirpy and fun-loving person, Sadhna is a Montessori teacher gifted with immense patience. She loves it when toddlers open up their hearts to her and share all their stories. Their stories takes her to a far away land where she can be a child again and imagine the world through a child’s eye, enjoying every bit of it. Continue reading

railway track

The Red Schoolbag

The little pebble had stayed with him a long way from school as he kicked it along with unerring accuracy. Once in a while he crushed a dried leaf under his shoes with a satisfying crunch. 

Ajay longingly eyed the numerous bottles of syrup in myriad hues flatteringly displayed on the rickety old handcart belonging to the gola-walla. Slipping his fingers into his pant-pocket, he fiddled around and came up with nothing.  Continue reading

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Finding A Connect..Through Stories: Meet Lavanya Prasad of Taléscope

Once in a while you come across a storyteller for whom stories are a means to find a connect between the self and the Universe. One such storyteller is Lavanya Prasad of Taléscope – a dreamer, a superb storyteller and a seeker, who sees everything in the world as stories. Lavanya is an enthusiast and extrovert by nature, a person with no boundaries who strongly believes that every person she meets has a role to play (however small) in her life. She truly believes that a story which is told with complete honesty is sure to create the desired ripple, living up the adage – “I am the story itself.”
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Discovering Stories Everyday: Meet Storyteller Devangi Thakkar

When a copywriter decides to adopt storytelling as a profession, one discovers new stories everyday. Devangi Thakkar did just that. While taking a sabbatical from the world of advertising for motherhood, she discovered the joy of sharing stories and her love for books with young kids. We spoke to her about her journey as a storyteller. Continue reading

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gift Ideas for Foodies

“We love gastronomical tales, and the way to our hearts is most definitely through our tummies.” If you have even one friend who lives by this motto, then buying a gift is probably a challenge for you. You want to buy something different than the usual stuff that stores market to you, but are baffled by what that ‘something different’ could be. Here’s some help. Continue reading

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Spreading The Love For Stories: Meet Storyteller Saylee Dashrath

Stories are one of the most effective ways of imparting education to little children. Our ancestors did it for centuries. Even in this century, there are many storytellers and story educators who are raising an entire generation of story lovers. Saylee Dashrath is one such story educator, spreading stories through her story center in Nashik, India. Continue reading

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Stories Abound At Dusshera and Diwali Celebrations Around The Country

Stories are an inseparable part of festivals in India. October was a month of festivals, and the celebrations would have been incomplete without stories. Every corner of the city was brought alive with storytellers regaling listeners with mythological and folk tales of Dusshera, Karwachauth and Diwali. Continue reading

krishna and narakasura diwalikrishna and narakasura diwali

9 Books About Diwali for Children

Diwali or Deepavali – a festival of lights is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Here are 10 books about Diwali that kids love.

1. Lights for Gita by Rachna Gilmore

Reading Age: 6-8 years

Young Gita is afraid that Diwali in her new home in Canada will not be the same as before. But amidst the rain and sleet, she finds that the light of the diyas and candles will always brighten up her home and drive away the darkness. A lovely picture-book, which 6-8 year old kids will enjoy. Continue reading

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Redefining Teaching Through Stories: Meet Seema Chakraborty

“Knowledge is transferred through books; Wisdom is transferred through stories.”

Stories have been the medium of teaching for centuries, either knowingly or unknowingly. Telling stories is a human instinct, and most of us do so without realizing that there is a storyteller within us. And when one unlocks that storyteller, the possibilities become immense. Seema Chakraborty of Little Readers’ Nook is one such storyteller, who adopted storytelling as a primary teaching tool.

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Glitter and Gloss Vibha Batra Review

Story Review: Glitter and Gloss by Vibha Batra

Edward Cullen – Bella Swan
Christian Grey – Anastasia Steele
Akshay Agarwal – Misha Chaturvedi


What is common among the couples listed above – each of them has a sauve, drop-dead gorgeous looking guy who is talented and rich, and a bumbling, tripping-over-her-own-feet (in this case, words), middle class girl; both of whom are drawn to each other and eventually fall in (forbidden) love with each other. Vibha Batra’s ‘Glitter and Gloss‘ takes this age-battered story a step further. Continue reading

sarita shetty

Meet The Storytellers: Sarita Shetty from Little Reader’s Nook

Stories have the power to fire up a child’s imagination. They can also help in building up their vocabulary; they are able to comprehend better, their creativity improves, and best of all – the kids become storytellers themselves, quite a holistic way of development for the child. Stories also, very easily, bridge gaps that no other human interaction can hope to achieve. Continue reading