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9 Re-tellings of Mahabharata You Cannot Miss

Mahabharata is an epic, known world-over for the profound knowledge it contains and for a wisdom that is so relevant to this day and age. It has been dissected endlessly, translated into multiple languages, and retold countless times from different perspectives. Here are 9 such Mahabharata re-tellings that are must-reads.

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Krishna killing demon horse keshi

The End of Demon Keshi by Lord Krishna

This is the second story in a series of stories about Lord Krishna and his exploits as a young kid in Vrindavan. Soon after Krishna was born, his father quietly took the newborn infant out of the evil King Kamsa’s palace in Mathura in the middle of the night, by hiding him in a wicker basket, crossed the mighty river Yamuna and left him at his sister Yashoda’s house in Vrindavan. When Kamsa came to know that Krishna had escaped, he sent many demons to kill the small child. However, each of these demons was slayed at the hands of Krishna, who was an incarnate of Lord Vishnu. The fiercest of these demons was Arishtasura, the bull demon. But for Krishna, slaying Arishtasura was child’s play. Read on to know what happened next…. Continue reading

Nidhi Bagaria The Creative World Mumbai

A Path of Creative Learning: Meet Nidhi Bagaria of The Creative World

The world around us contains countless stories, each of these presenting countless learning opportunities. Add a dash of creativity to that and the learning becomes fun as well. This is what storyteller Nidhi Bagaria of The Creative World has set out to do. The Creative World is a storytelling and creative expressions venture which concentrates on the child’s language skills, imagination and confidence – all of which are very important in later years of life. It was started in the year 2013 with a center at Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Currently it has two more centers – in Chembur and Mulund, in addition to holding guest classes in Nairobi, Kenya.

We spoke to Nidhi about her love for storytelling and her experience with The Creative World. Continue reading

undersea fish

The Undersea Adventure of The Blue Diamond

Dear friends! Today we are going to read an underwater story about finding treasure and a delightful fish named Tory. Like stories? Let’s begin then….

Once upon a time, there was a mermaid, a crab, a sea-lion, a sea-horse and a sea turtle. They all lived together in the Great Pacific Ocean. One day as they were taking a nice cold swim, they came across a map to a treasure chest. On it was marked the Great Castle of Gold (GCG). But…there were no directions! So all the friends set off to find the Great Castle of Gold, prepared for a long swim in the ocean. Continue reading

Secret Passages Geetanjali Kaul

A Story for The Soul: Meet Storyteller Geetanjali Shetty of Secret Passages

Stories have known to be powerful tools when it comes to healing the mind and soul. Recent research has shown stories to be a highly effective medium to counter depression and anxiety. And Secret Passages is right on track, telling stories to nourish the hearts of the young and the old. We spoke to Geetanjali Shetty Kaul of Secret Passages about her tryst with the mystic, stories and storytelling. Continue reading

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15 Thought-Provoking Quotes from Literature

(This post was published by here as an infographic tabulating 15 memorable and though-provoking quotes from some of the most popular and all-time favorite characters from literature.)

Oscar Wilde once said, “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” This is especially true for the great books that are immortalized in paper and print for countless generations to enjoy.  Continue reading

Frittata Egg

An Eggstraordinary Obsession and The Perfect Frittata – “Cook Me A Tale”

An egg is one of the strangest food items that man sought to eat. It sits delicately atop the wall that separates the vegetarian from the non-vegetarian (not unlike Humpty Dumpty). For hardcore non-vegetarians, it is the one food which is not meat, yet they do not turn their nose up at. For vegetarians like me, who are on the brink of transgressing to the “other side”, primarily to satiate the foodie inside who wants to explore the much larger palette available, it is the one thing that helps us convince ourselves that we are better off than those who are pure vegetarians, since we have at least a wider variety of options to choose from than them. For the “pure” vegetarians who cannot allow meat of any kind to set foot into their house, egg is the exception – a harmless entity that Continue reading

Kashmiri cuisine recipes

A Kashmiri Tale – “Cook Me A Tale”

This post is for my parents – my dad who was almost a Kashmiri himself, been born and brought up in Srinagar, (may his soul rest in peace), and for my mother, because of whom I am what I am today.

Most of my ancestors had lived for some time or the other in the Kashmir Valley, and as long as I can remember- despite being a typically Punjabi family, Kashmiri cuisine had firmly interwoven itself in the weft and warp of our lives. I made Kashmiri Dhaniwal Korma for the first time when I was 11yrs old!  Continue reading

bisibele bath navanebath

The Latest Avatar of BisiBeleBath The Star Dish of Mysore – “Cook Me A Tale”

“What is your favorite dish?”

I get utterly confounded when someone poses the question such as this, which is most difficult to answer. I am a vegetarian and I love food. All dishes under the sun are my favorite dishes provided they are vegetarian. I love the authentic Ethiopian Injera as much as I love our traditional Ragi dose. I relish Burritos and Rajma masala with Roti with equal zest. Falafel or Masal Vadas, Pineapple Gazpacho or Pineapple Morkuzhambu – all of them make my mouth water! My sweet side and salt-craving side are equally balanced, hence I love sweets and savories alike. Similarly I have a ‘hot side and cold side’ too! As a young girl I was almost in tears when I had to decide between a hot coffee and rose milk after a sumptuous treat at a restaurant. Touched by my predicament my doting father bought me both the drinks  at  a short  interval so that I could  relish them both  to my heart’s content! Years have passed by. Nature has decked me up with a silver crown to vouch for my senior citizen status. Continue reading

Kerala Nadan Chicken Masala

Chicken for the Aliens – “Cook Me A Tale”

Update: This story is winner of 1st Prize in #CookMeATale blogging contest on Tell-A-Tale. Read more stories here.

Whenever I hear a fellow-Indian tut-tut the plight of vegetarians in a foreign country, I ask if he equally sympathizes with migrant non-vegetarians alienated in parts of their own country. I can vouch, as one who had survived in the land of religiously vegetarian green aliens, that non-vegetarians are no less unfortunate. To us fresh migrant students from Kerala in the 80s, these domestic aliens were as good as metal-tongued Martians with double antennae perfectly capable of catching fishy breaths and directing electric shocks at meat-laced farts.

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