Everything that has ever happened (or not) can be spun into a story.

Tell-A-Tale is a concept e-magazine that focuses on the growing realm of storytelling in India – both in the written and oral form. It has gradually emerged as India’s first and only leading portal to focus exclusively on stories and the auxiliary ecosystem of storytellers, writers and publishers.


The ability to weave thoughts together into a captivating tale demonstrates the genius of the story-writer or the storyteller. It may be random thoughts of two women who know nothing about each other and still think of the other as the more fortunate one, or a tale created by a 12-year old with characters from Greek mythology.

Tell-A-Tale is a concept magazine – part literary and part entertainment. It is a place where anyone with an interest in stories can find out more about the world of storytelling, can find and read great stories, story narrations, book-lists and story reviews. One can read the history of different forms of storytelling and how they have evolved. Tell-A-Tale is also the first and only magazine in India that exclusively publishes stories about other storytellers, providing them a platform to reach out to a pan-India audience.

Tell-A-Tale is a congregation of such stories and storytellers, people who tell these stories.

In the offline world, our team members conduct workshops for students, teachers and parents, that promote stories – either as the “read” or the “written”.


Hi, my name is Arunima and I am the Founder of Tell-A-Tale. It was around 2 years back that I started posting stories on the internet as part of a personal blog. These stories were either created out of thin air or were re-tellings of popular folktales. The stories revolved around issues relevant to this century.

Fortunately, a lot of friends appreciated my work and asked me to expand the blog so that they could also contribute. Not only fiction stories, but also personal stories, blogs about storytelling and books, and real-life inspiring stories. A year ago, Tell-A-Tale was born.

The content on the website is almost entirely user-generated and can be read by kids as well as grown-ups. You can read, you can contribute, or you can just share your thoughts on whatever has been written. Currently Tell-A-Tale publishes content under the following categories:
Why Tell-A-Tale?

We all have stories within us. These stories maybe a figment of our imagination or something that we have seen and experienced in life. When told with passion, these stories can deliver life lessons or a hearty laugh to young and old. And that’s what we constantly seek to bring out.

Experienced writers can share nuggets of wisdom on the art of story-writing and storytelling through expert articles or by sharing their stories. Budding writers can reach a wider audience and hope to receive constructive criticism on their work from the experts.

What do we publish? Stories, and stories about stories.

Some history about storytelling

Stories have been the medium of teaching life’s lessons for ages. They have been a form of entertainment and have found an outlet through different mediums – theatre, dance, drawings, paintings, writing and more.

Do you have a story to tell?

From a single writer and a few readers, Tell-A-Tale currently has over 100 registered writers and 75,000+ unique visitors per month.

We are looking for contributors who can write tell a story. If you are interested in telling us a story, then check out this page.

Do you think we can collaborate?

A lot can happen when people ‘talk’. If you think we can collaborate on anything, or would like to use our platform as an advertising channel, give us a buzz at +91-95999-12259. We’d love to hear your story.

If you find the content interesting and would like to read it out/enact it to an audience, kids or otherwise, drop us a mail at contact AT tell-a-tale DOT com. We’ll help you out!

If you have any feedback on the website or the content, send it to us. We’ll share the good ones with all our readers and work on the bad ones!

You can reach us directly at:

  • Email: contact AT tell-a-tale.com
  • Address: Plot 17, G Block, Beta-II, Greater Noida (U.P.) 201308
  • Ph: 0120-4205772/+91-95999-12259
Why associate with Tell-A-Tale?

We believe in quality than quantity. As such, Tell-A-Tale reaches an “engaged” audience of 30,000 readers a month. We have more than 100 registered writers, who write amazing stories. Our past collaborations include some of the best in their industries – such as Bell Bajao, Breakthrough TV, Women’s Web, Feminism in India, ILoveread.in, Youthopia and The Book Club.

Some places where our work has been featured – The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, The Star of Mysore, City Today.

Happy reading!!!

Note: Tell-A-Tale is a brand owned by Scrambled Works Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Amazing Arunima!
    I just happened to see your reply again on LinkedIn and this time clicked on your website now magazine link…so proud of you!!
    Keep it going, I’ll read the stories out to my son, or in the library we’ve built for our apartment kids 😀

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