10 Internationally Popular Books About Elephants for Kids Between 0 – 7 Years

Kids love elephants. And elephants have been a muse for many a storyteller. There is something about the long trunk, the big ears, and the slow and heavy tread that appeals to the storyteller and the listener alike. Here are 10 books about elephants you will love reading with your child.

Thunder (Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey) by Erik Daniel Shein

Helped by a bunch of unlikely friends, Thunder takes on a brave journey to find his mother. This adventurous tale of a young pygmy forest elephant imparts valuable lessons to young minds on courage, determination and friendship.

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But No Elephants  by Jerry Smath 

Grandma Tildy who lived alone would welcome any other pet but an elephant. What happens when she finally agrees to shelter an unwanted elephant? Find out in this book which is also illustrated by the author.

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“Stand Back,” Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!” by Patricia Thomas 

Illustrated by Wallace Tripp, this book is a hilarious account of the attempts made by all the elephants to prevent the elephants from sneezing for the fear of the havoc it would create.

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Dumbo: A Little Golden Book (Disney Diecut Classics) by Walt Disney Company

This book with illustrations from the 1940s transports us to the old-world charm and magic of the Disney world. This is a heart-warming tale of one of the most favourite elephants, finding its way to the skies.

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Elmer Series by David McKee 

A wonderful tale of finding individuality, this book narrates the story of Elmer, an elephant with bright-coloured patches. The book also promises lot of fun and laughter all the way with an important lesson for the young and old alike.

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