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1. The opinions presented in the articles on the website are that of the authors. Tell-A-Tale.com does not take ownership for them.

2. The author is liable for all material – text, images, videos, etc. that the author uploads to the site under his name. Tell-A-Tale.com will not be liable for content posted by the authors (only checks for explicit content).

3. Tell-A-Tale.com tries to verify that all content and media provided on the website is original and accurate. If you notice any errors, or missing attributions, please get in touch with us and we will try to correct it.


1. The author holds the copyright to all content that is posted on Tell-A-Tale.com. In case the reader wants to share the content, he/she must attribute it and link back to www.tell-a-tale.com.

2. Tell-A-Tale.com holds the right to use the user-generated content (stories, poems, comments, etc. ) submitted to the website in promotions and redistribution – online and in the real world, as well as social media posts for website promotions.


1. The opinions presented in the articles on Tell-A-Tale.com are entirely that of the respective authors. Tell-A-Tale.com does not take ownership for the views and opinions of the authors.

2. Tell-A-Tale.com does not endorse the content found at any external sites whose links can be found here. These may be links to Internet resources present in advertisements, articles, names, etc. Tell-A-Tale.com does not verify, monitor or sponsor any such links.

This page is Work-In-Progress and may be updated. If you notice any discrepancies in our Terms and Conditions, drop us an e-mail at contact AT tell-a-tale DOT com.

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