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The Story of Eklavya – A Story from Indian Mythology

the story of eklavya for children ribbonworks

“In ancient India, nearly 5000 years ago, there lived a young Nishadha (a tribe of hunters) prince by the name of Eklavya. Even though he was a hunter by birth, being the son of the chief of hunters in the forests of Hastinapur, he aspired to become a great warrior. 

He approached Guru Dronacharya – the teacher of the Pandavas and the Kauravas – and requested that he be taken as the Guru’s disciple. Being a Shudra, he was mocked and sent away.

Watch this video to know what happened next.”

Read the Complete Story of Eklavya here

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Ribbonworks - Vrinda Vijayan

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Short tales from Hindu mythology and Indian history retold, in under five minutes in old style, without animations.

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