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Nails In The Fence | An Inspirational Moral Story For Kids

nailsin the fence moral story for kids
Written by Saksham T

Once upon a time, there lived a boy. He used to lose his temper very quickly and become angry. He would scold kids, neighbors and even his friends. So, his friends and neighbors ignored him.

His mother and father tried to explain his mistake to him in all possible ways. But all their attempts failed.

One day his father thought of an idea. He gave his son a huge bag of nails. He told his son that whenever he lost his temper, he had to hammer a nail into the fence. The boy found this very funny but agreed to do what his father had said.

On the first day he drove 30 nails into the fence. On the next day the number of nails hammered reduced to half. The boy found hammering the nails very difficult and decided to control his anger. The number of nails he hammered everyday kept reducing and the day came when no nail was hammered into the fence.

After some days, the boy told his father that it had been several days since he had hammered a nail into the fence. Then his father told him to gradually remove some of the nails everyday. Soon the boy had removed almost all the nails except a few. These were hammered too deeply to remove.

Then his father asked, “What do you see there?”

“Holes in the fence” the boy replied.

His father said, “The nails were like the bad words you hammered onto people. They left a scar on the people’s minds. You removed almost all the nails but the holes they left could not be removed. The nails you could not remove are like the permanent scars on people’s minds. They will remain there forever.”

The boy understood his mistake and promised his parents that he would be a kind and polite boy.

Moral – Let our words be polite and kind.

The End

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