15 Most Awaited Kids’ Books In 2017

15 kids books in 2017
Written by Madhu Bairy

Last week we brought you the 15 Most Awaited Book Releases of 2017. This week, we compiled a list of 15 Kids’ books that we are eagerly waiting for in 2017.

This Is Not A Bedtime Story by Will Mabbitt, illustrated by Fred Blunt

Sophie doesn’t want a story time filled with cute kittens and birthday parties, she wants rocket-launching helicopters and a giant robot dinosaur! Clever, funny and heart-racingly exciting, this is a book to inspire and delight every little girl and boy.

Frida by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Ana Juan

An inspiring tale of Frida Kahlo who turned the challenges of her life into art, expressing her pain and depression – and eventually, her joys and her loves. This book is a playful, insightful tribute to one of twentieth century’s most influential artists.

The Boy Who Cried by Khoa Le

Cry Baby never misses an opportunity to throw a tantrum. When his parents don’t let him buy a new toy, Cry Baby cries so much that he floods the house with tears! Fortunately, his very large cat drinks up all of the water. Waking up to his parents in a dry house, Cry Baby learns an important lesson about the consequences of tantrums.

The Lonely Mailman by Susanna Isern, illustrated by Daniel Montero Galán and translated by Jon Brokenbrow

Each day, the old mailman faithfully delivers special letters to the forest animals, but has never received any letters of his own. Then one day everything changes. A predictable, yet touching story of friendship and love to delight readers and letter writers of all ages, complete with brilliant illustrations.

Princess Truly in I Am Truly by Kelly Greenawalt, illustrated by Amariah Rauscher

She can do anything she sets her mind to….and she does it with a sense of rhythm. Brimming with warmth and color, Princess Truly’s adventures are a celebration of individuality and girl power. Her heartfelt story is a reminder to young girls everywhere to dream big and that they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it !

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, illustrated by W. W. Denslow

Originally published about 115 years ago, take a dive into this timeless classic that recounts the story of young Dorothy, who’s swept in a tornado and carried off to the mythical Land of Oz. Discover the origins of immortalized characters like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, illustrated by William S Nicholson

Since its initial publication in 1922, The Velveteen Rabbit is a timeless children’s classic lets young readers experience the true magic of friendship, love, and being honest with oneself. Immerse yourself in the tale of a stuffed velveteen rabbit who aspires to become a real one.

Little Treasures: Disney Beauty and the Beast by Disney

A classic fairy tale of a small-town girl, Belle, as she encounters a mysterious beast in a castle. Read through to know what it takes to love another and be loved. Will Belle fall in love with the Beast and break the curse before it’s too late?

Enid Blyton’s Magical Treasury by Enid Blyton, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

Popular and little-known stories by one of the world’s best-loved children’s authors, Enid Blyton, brought together with illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark. Travel through the enchanted lands where carpets could grant wishes, rabbits rode on underground railways, and magic doors and rabbit-holes took adventurous children into strange new worlds.

Ballerina Dreams by Michaela DePrince

Beautifully illustrated by Ella Okstad, Ballerina Dreams is the younger-reader edition of Michaela DePrince’s highly moving memoir of Michaela DePrince who followed her dream of becoming a ballet dancer. A heart-warming and inspiring true story.

Great Lives: Ruskin Bond by Shamim Padamsee

These new Scholastic Biographies will capture the great lives that have inspired generations and continue to motivate the young and old alike. Presented through both comics and text, this book takes a look at the life of Ruskin Bond, one of India’s most well-known and best loved writers.  

Alice Jones: The Impossible Clue (Alice Jones 1) by Sara Rubin

Maths-whizz Alice Jones has already solved a few mysteries. On a quest to investigate a disappearing scientist, she’s soon entangled in her trickiest case yet. Is whacky science really to blame for his vanishing? Or is something more sinister afoot?

Black Beauty (Kindle in Motion): The Autobiography of a Horse

Rediscover the classic story of this beloved horse in a new edition featuring striking digital illustrations and animations – exclusively in this Kindle version. An emotional story laced with stunning artwork, discover the story of Beauty like never before.

A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson

When a young girl starts seeing strange frost patterns on her skin, what could it mean? A glittering story of frost and friendship, with writing full of magic and heart, A Girl Called Owl is a stunning debut about family, responsibility and the beauty of the natural world, while the journey unfolds on a path filled with adventure and mystery.

The Silver Boy (The Glass Children) by Kristina Ohlsson Litteratur AB

Filled with adventure, the tale recounts the quest for a curious Silver Boy by Aladdin and his friends. Before long, the friends are pulled into a web of secrets and history, treasure and crime. Can they uncover the mystery before it’s too late?

Which kids’ books are you waiting for in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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