7 Gifts for Book Lovers That You Can Make At Home

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If you have friends who love books, books and nothing but books, and you wonder what you can gift them, apart from a book (off course!), here are 7 awesome gift ideas. And if you dabble in a bit of art and craft, you can make most of these at home.

1. The Pointer Bookmark

Now you won’t have to hunt for that line where you left off reading! A completely adjustable bookmark to point out the exact line on the page. You can even make it yourself, with a medium sized elastic rubberband and a sharp pointed knife. pointer bookmarks

(Source: Pinterest)

2. A Book Pillow

Nope, it’s not a pillow for you…it’s a pillow for the book. Now enjoy those infinite cups of tea/coffee without acrobatic book-balancing those hardcovers with one hand! And if you squint just a little, it does look like the Sorting Hat! 

book pillow sorting hat


3. The Book Lovers Phone Covers

The gift is cliche, but your bookworm friend will love it.

bookworm book phone case


4. Set of Bookmarks

For the reader who inevitably reads multiple books at once, here are sets of bookmarks that will remind them the status of each!

bookmark set

(Source: Etsy)

5. Book Clock

Snuggle this clock into your  friend’s bookshelf, coz the bookshelf is where they would mostly be looking at (if not into their book!).

Book clock

(Source: Amazon)

 6. Seashell Bookends

This one is so easy to make at home, you might end up making a pair for yourself! All you need is some medium to large conch shells and some sand and plaster. Find instructions on making it here.

Shell Book Ends


7. Framed Book Collections

This one is so easy to make that we couldn’t help make one for our workspace! Give the books the respect they deserve. Create a Framed Bookshelf with wooden boxes and frames, and let your books resemble the works of art that they are. Here is an easy tutorial to make these.

bookcase painting bookcase painting



Do you have more gift ideas for book lovers that can be easily found or made at home? Share them with us in the comments below. 


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