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Story Camp – A Creative Journey For Budding Wordsmiths

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Written by Team Tell A Tale

Story-smiths ruled the day at the first Story Camp that was jointly organised by Tell-A-Tale and Delhi at Gurgaon on 18th March, 2017. The idea of the Camp was to expose kids to an uninterrupted session of stories, where the kids acted as storytellers.

Meant for kids between the age of 8 to 12 years, the Story Camp had a creative writing competition followed by a story-building workshop. During the workshop, kids discussed building blocks of a story, dissected stories from popular fiction and movies, discussed authors and their writing styles, and built stories of their own. The kids wrote stories they had created during the story writing competition.

Writing stories is the best way to kick your creative side into action. Children who write stories are more observant, more receptive to learning tools, better listeners, more empathetic and draw a greater amount of learning from every life experience. As such, parents and schools now encourage kids to write stories, ever more than before. The Story Camp is a small step towards inspiring children to explore and exploit their creative side, and to write freely.

The session was moderated by our Founder, Arunima, and was facilitated by Founder, Shefali. Kids from schools across Delhi-NCR participated in the camp. Intellitots Gurgaon played host. Participation certificates were awarded to all those who attended the workshop.

Here are some snapshots from the workshop.

tell-a-tale writing workshop

tell-a-tale writing workshop

tell-a-tale writing workshop

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