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Unbox Idea – A Story That Wants To Change The World

Time for change
Written by Team Tell-A-Tale

Once there lived a man who was tired of the slow rate of progress around him. All around him he could see opportunities for improvement, yet the world around him was unaware of them. He wanted to do something. So he sat down and reflected on things that he could implement without reaching out for support from the government or large institutions.

Thus came up the idea for a new initiative driven by the contribution of some inquisitive and enthusiastic people, who were ready with ideas that could contribute towards change. These ideas revolved around education, technology, and self-empowerment. With active support from these friends, the man then realized that it was not necessary to wait for somebody else, in order to make a change. The choice and freedom to stand up for what is good lay within him.

This belief was reinforced by the tremendous response he received from people. What began with a basic desire to find a purpose to life, eventually led the man to taking a small but sure step towards building a network of change-makers.

This is the journey of UNBOX IDEA which started as a Facebook page with a vision to collaborate with like-minded individuals. When the Unbox Idea Team sat together and planned activities for coming months, they concluded that it was necessary to find the right people for their initiative. That made them organize their first Social Open Mic – an open mic where speakers came with their individual ideas and spoke about issues that mattered to them.

The issues that came up were a kaleidoscope, including a diverse range of topics – the evil system of dowry, pre-teenage sex education, the straight-jacket system of learning and self-acceptance.

Sometimes people think that they have a solution. They wish to implement it but are unable to do so. The reasons include lack of support from peers, self-doubt, difficulty in finding resources and no available platform to present their ideas. Often these reasons lead to the death of that idea, which if implemented may have had the potential to impact the lives of hundreds of people.

The aim of Unbox Idea Reveal Solution is to give a platform to such people who believe in the power of their ideas and are willing to share it with the public. The medium used is a YouTube Channel where each speaker’s video is uploaded and open to feedback and comments.

Unbox Idea is also very active on other social media platforms with an aim to give people a platform where they can connect with like-minded individuals, an audience for their initiative to be heard, and move one step closer to implementing their idea for change. Conversations include areas such as technology, environment, personal development, education, social issues and any other social cause which a person believes they can contribute towards.

Do you have an idea that can change lives of people for better. Reach out to the team at UNBOX IDEA and reveal the solution. Join in on this journey towards change.

If you do not have an idea in mind, you can still join in as an audience at their events. Because you never know what might just strike your imagination and drive your mind towards a new idea!

Reach out to the Unbox Idea team on their Facebook page and subscribe to their Youtube channel

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