Storytelling Quotes By 10 Of India’s Most Popular Storytellers [Infographic]

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Written by Team Tell-A-Tale

Storytellers often have lots of wisdom to share in the form of stories. Here we compiled a list of 10 of our favorite quotes by some of India’s most popular storytellers.

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world storytelling day quotes by storytellers


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“You are the story.” –¬†Geeta Ramanujam

“Each blade of grass, each leaf, every grain of sand, each stone or rock, each drop of water has a story to tell, if only we have the ears to listen.”Seema Wahi Mukherjee

“Every person needs a bag, full of stories, like magical gems to be hidden and revealed at the right time and place.”Rituparna Ghosh

“Indigenous art of any form can never die. They have to be adapted and modified in a contemporary form.”Vikram Sridhar

“I’m a modern day madaari (conjurer). My job is to intellectually entertain the humble souls of kids.” – Kabuliwala Kamal Pruthi

“Every story will become worth telling if we understand how to connect with our listeners.”Aparna Athreya

“Live the story you are telling. Believe in it, love it, experience it.”Rohini Vij

“Good questions make us think. Good stories help us understand.”Devaki Bhujang

“If teachers can be storytellers then children will love and learn all subjects.” – Ameen Haque

“A story which is told with complete honesty is sure to create the desired ripple.”Lavanya Prasad


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