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A Pair Of Binoculars – Short Story for Kids

A Pair of Binoculars short story for kids
Written by Uma Sharma

A long time ago, there lived a Mr. Beaver near the river in his lodge. One day, he decided to go for sightseeing by the river. That morning, he took out his binoculars and went to the river bank.

When Mr. Beaver reached the river bank, he put on his binoculars. The river bank was very crowded. Groups of tourists had arrived for a river expedition, with boating and sightseeing. The river bank was popular for boating and people loved to see the great tree on the other bank of the river. Mr. Beaver has also come to sight the great tree with his binoculars.

In the groups waiting for boating, Mr. Beaver saw his old friend – Mr. Grasshopper.

“What a surprise!” he thought. Mr. Grasshopper looked up and saw Mr. Beaver in a waistcoat and jacket, and wearing a funny-looking popped out spectacles. He cried in amazement, “What a pleasant surprise!”

Both Mr. Beaver and Mr. Grasshopper hugged each other in delight.

“I am delighted to see you,” said Mr. Beaver.

“Did you come here for a boating expedition or sightseeing?” asked Mr. Beaver.

“I have come for boating with Mr. Mole and team” said Mr. Grasshopper.

“When do you have to go for boating?” asked Mr. Beaver.

“I will go for boating day after tomorrow. The boats are booked well in advance at this time of the year and there is no space,” said Mr. Grasshopper. Then he got curious. “Tell me, my friend, what are those popped out spectacles that you were wearing few seconds ago.”

“These are not spectacles but a pair of binoculars,” replied Mr. Beaver.

“What does it do, if I may ask,” said the grasshopper.

“A binocular is a device through which we can view distant objects,” said Mr. Beaver. “I can spot the tree from where I stand and I do not have to walk across the road or cross the river”, added Mr. Beaver.

What could be so wonderful about a binocular, thought the curious grasshopper. He asked Mr. Beaver, if he would lend his binoculars to him to see the tree across the road. Mr. Beaver agreed but informed him that he would have to make few adjustments to sight the tree with a binocular.

“They are three simple steps to using a binocular,” said Mr. Beaver. “First, take the binocular and move your sight in the direction of the tree. Second, pivot the lens with your hand to spot the tree clearly. Then close one eye and adjust the lens under the right eye. You will then be able to see the tree clearly”, said Mr. Beaver.

To the amazement of the grasshopper he saw the tree. He was overwhelmed to see the tree in such close proximity to him. He cried out loud in excitement and rushed to Mr. Beaver.

“It is truly a marvel, this binocular of yours,” said Mr. Grasshopper to Mr. Beaver. Mr. Beaver smiled while both walked towards the group on the river bank.

“Where did you get them?” asked Mr. Grasshopper.

“I got them from my grandfather,” said Mr. Beaver.

Mr. Beaver thought for few seconds then said “Let’s go to my lodge, it almost tea time.”  Both Mr. Beaver and the grasshopper walked towards his lodge.

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