Creating Story Educators: Meet Storyteller Devaki Bhujang of Little Readers’ Nook

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Experience woven into characters created tales that became the first ever medium of passing on knowledge. Stories evolved much before the written word did, and remained the most popular method of teaching for a long time. Somewhere along the way, storytelling and storytellers got lost in the myriad of social and economic changes that hit the world, becoming limited to practitioners of theater and fine arts. The last decade has seen a revival and people are rediscovering the storyteller in them, in the process rediscovering the stories from their country’s legends, folklore and literature.

Little Readers’ Nook is one such storytelling venture by Devaki Bhujang Gajare, a former software analyst. After several years in New York, she returned to India in 2010, a cherubic toddler and a bagful of his books in tow. Keen to pass on the joy of reading, she began sharing these books with the toddler and his friends, reinforcing concepts in the stories through joyful play woven around them. The children and their parents loved these magical story hours and clamored for more! Little Readers’ Nook was born.

The idea of teaching through stories resonated with a unique audience – young mothers on a sabbatical from their corporate careers, passionate about education and looking to make a difference. A network of ‘story educators’ thus took root as other like-minded women from the mainstream joined Devaki, and Little Readers’ Nook grew.

Devaki Bhujang Gajare

An idea born of a mother’s desire to meaningfully engage her child, Little Readers’ Nook is today a diverse team comprising over 45 talented women across 15 cities in India and overseas, taking thousands of children on the journey of a lifetime, delving deep into the magical world of books; in the process shaping:

  • Avid learners,
  • Bold communicators,
  • Creative thinkers,
  • Devoted book-lovers,
  • Empathetic global citizens,
  • Flexible team-players

Little Readers’ Nook provides its story educators with training, a nurturing team environment, the power of the brand, marketing support and a carefully crafted curriculum that includes books, puppets, props, lesson plans and handouts. Their training program happens online, no travel is required. Each member of the team is allocated an exclusive area of operation. A child-friendly spacious room is required to conduct the sessions.

Read what story educators at Little Readers’ Nook are doing to revolutionize the way we perceive education here.

little readers' nook devaki bhujang The Little Readers’ Nook team comprises of smart young women from different walks of life united by a passion for teaching and reading with kids and a flair for entrepreneurship. If that describes you, get in touch with them at Know more about Little Readers’ Nook on:

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