14 Timeless Classic Love Stories

15 timeless classics love stories valentine's day
Written by Madhu Bairy

Stories of love and friendship never go out of fashion. That’s because they create a warm feeling of happiness within us, drawing us away from the usual ‘mundane-ity’ of life, and make us believe that everything is just perfect! Some such stories are evergreens and we can never get enough of re-reading and re-rereading them. Here we list 14 such evergreen stories of love from literature.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

The love story that rules all love stories, this classic set in the backdrop of Wuthering Heights estate during 1802, this is a passionate love story of Catherine and her half-brother, Heathcliff. It delves through shades of love and revenge, bringing in an essence of wildness that is both descriptive and complicated.
The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

Stevens, an unblemished butler for a long time at Darlington Hall, decides to go on a motoring journey lasting six days. The trip through the country takes him on a time travel as he recalls much more than his memories, of his unrealized love towards his housekeeper.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

A book that many women have identified with over the decades, Anna Karenina was considered rebellious in its time. Waging a war against her desires, Anna struggles to find social acceptance and fulfilling relationships, while her decisions lead to a doomed marriage. The chaotic moments of her life are contrasted by the colorful people around her, questioning her quest for a meaningful life, time and again.
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Set amidst the chaos of self-indulgence, idealism and social cataclysm, this is the story of a young millionaire popular for throwing lavish parties in his opulent mansion. But only a few knew the reason behind all the splendor was an obsessive passion for his lady love.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Romance classics are incomplete without a mention of The Bard. A fun-filled, romantic comedy about two pairs of lovers entangled in a whimsical web of love. It is an enchanting journey through fantasies and magical potions in the land of Athens. A hint of mischievousness and childlike innocence makes it an enjoyable read across all ages.

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

This haunting love story revolves around the lives of four ethnically diverse and emotionally scarred people brought together at the end of World War II. As the severely burnt Englishman shares stories about his life and suffering, a bond develops between him and the Canadian nurse Hannah, who is tending to him.
Love Story by Eric Segal

No list of love stories is complete without this ‘Love Story’, the story of two individuals who are vastly different in their backgrounds and personalities coming together and falling in love, only to have their lives turned upside down by an unforeseen tragedy.

Emma by Jane Austen

Immensely proud of her matchmaking skills, Emma is inconsiderate and a constant intruder in others’ lives. She misinterprets the subtle meaning of love, leading to heartbreaks and unexpected consequences. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

This saga of love has been told and re-told countless number of times in countless different ways and yet remains as touching as ever. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, come together against all odds, only to be separated and finally united in death. The tragic ending to their love story unites the two warring clans in the moments of perpetual sorrow.

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

In a society where money and status matter more than love, the two Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne try to experience love and its anticipated loss in their own ways. Impetuous and receptive, the contrasting pair of sisters struggle to find personal happiness all the way.

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

A story that spans three generations, it is a heart-warming saga of Meggie Cleary who pines for the man who can never be hers and Ralph de Bricassart, a parish priest treading the path to Vatican, with a passion for Meggie that questions his true desire in life.

The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles

Charles Smithson decides to forsake his engagement to the wealthy heiress Ernestina when he encounters the enigmatic Sarah who is both mysterious and fascinating. With his obsession for the latter getting the better of him, he has to make a choice.

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Set during the American Civil War, this is the story of Scarlett O’Hara, the daughter of a plantation owner and her struggles with love amidst crisis, poverty and the rules of society. Heralded as one of the greatest pieces of American literature, it still remains a popular choice amongst readers around the world.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

An orphan in her aunt’s house, Jane grows up with her undying spirit and integrity. As a governess, she falls in love with her master. As she begins to overcome the hurdles to their lawful marriage, she searches for a deeper meaning to life in a traditional Victorian society.




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