She – A Traveler, He – A Photographer

sunset girl on mountains
Written by Pooja Vaidya

“She was a traveller.

He was a photographer

As she made the memories,

He immortalized them”

Both meet amicably for the first time, never knew they could mean so much to each other.

Casual chats on phone and usual calls turned to regular in no time. And days, weeks, months went pleasantly.

Still, he always felt incomplete and wanted to know more, explore more. She’d been unaware of this internal chaos in his mind; was going with the flow of the moment, and they eventually felt the hit.

His chaos and her discomfort turned into an ugly fight, and took everything away from them.

Their chats, calls, the belonging-ness and, most importantly, the comfort of the other’s presence became a distant past.

Moving on, they always sensed the empty space, the void, but pulled on the poker face, the Buddha’s smile, for the world to see.

However, destiny had plans – to add more to their story and so, their paths crossed again.

And it felt strange, how nothing had changed, how it was like picking up from where it was left.

But this time there was more than what met their eyes.

In this whole poetic rekindling of the feelings (feelings which had never gone missing), there was something new – his amateur’s interest in photography, and her never-indulged-in-before travelling fetish – brought them close.

She shared her crazy adventures and dreams of discovering the unseen and unspoken places. And he captured her in those moments, first in his eyes and then through the lens of his camera.

Slowly and gradually things went from good to better.

But mind you, the road was never even. There were many bumps to be overcome yet – small and big bumps on those roads, testing their friendship and love every now and then. But now they were on this road together.

And overcoming those hurdles, they have come so far – to this point – where they can see only infinity.

And he beautifully immortalized their journey to this perpetuity like her wild dreams!!!

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Pooja Vaidya

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