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The Picnic

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Written by Uma Sharma

Supper was done and Mr. Bear sat writing in his diary when he heard a knock on the door.

“Who can it be at this hour of the night,” thought Mr. Bear. He reached for the door when he heard another knock. To his surprise, it was his old friend – the squirrel. Mr. Bear immediately opened the door .

“ What happened my friend?” asked Mr. Bear .

“Oh it’s a disaster! My door is locked and I lost my key,” replied the squirrel.

“ Well, my friend, you can spend the night with me, “said Mr. Bear, “It will be alright.”

While Mr. Bear was busy writing in his diary, the squirrel pondered about the day.

“How was your day, my friend?” asked Mr. Bear.

“Day was good,” said the squirrel. “I met the fox he was busy in refurnishing his home. He came back from a river expedition.” said the squirrel .

“ A river expedition. How delightful!” exclaimed Mr. Bear.

“I asked the fox what he did in the expedition,” said the squirrel. “He said there were three boats in the expedition, they crossed the old river to reach the banks on the other side, where they stayed for three days. It was a wonderful experience and he will go on another expedition after two months,” he added.

Mr. Bear got an idea,“Why don’t you join me for a picnic at the river bank tomorrow,” said Mr. Bear.

“That is a fantastic idea,” replied the squirrel.

“Let’s go on a picnic,” cried Mr. Bear in excitement.

The squirrel went to bed. Mr. Bear watched the fire then closed his diary and left the dining area for the night.

The next day Mr. Bear and the squirrel set off for the picnic.

Both the squirrel and Mr. Bear walked towards the river. They walked quietly for a while then Mr. Bear stopped to put up his binocular.

“I can see the tree,” said Mr. Bear. The squirrel stood by Mr. Bear in amazement, but he could not spot the tree. Mr. Bear, handing the binocular to him, said, “Have a look with these, my friend, you will spot a large tree.”

“What is so special about this tree?” asked the squirrel.

“It is the big tree of little people,” said Mr. Bear.

“Where did the little people come from?” asked the squirrel.

“It is a mystery, where the little people came from,” said Mr.Bear. The fable says that the little people have lived since ages on this tree,” said Mr. Bear.

Mr. Bear and the squirrel observed the tree for some time with their binoculars then went near the tree.

The tree stood silently. They could see the little people walking on the branches. The squirrel was amazed to see such small people with hands and feet. He watched the little people then decided to talk to them.

“What is your name my friend?” asked the squirrel.

“My name is Tom,” said the little person.

“ How long have you have been on this tree?” asked the squirrel.

“Since I was born,” said Tom.

“I’ve heard that this tree is thousands of years old and so are you,” said the squirrel.

“So it is. We have lived on this tree since the beginning of earth,” said Tom with a smile.

“Tell me Tom, how did your people and the tree survive for thousands of years,” asked the squirrel.

“It is a secret that we have been keeping since ages,” said Tom.

“Please share your secret with us,” requested the squirrel.

“We do not hurt the trees. Not only this tree but other trees too,” said Tom.

“How do you do that?” asked the squirrel.

“We never destroy our forest and its trees. We eat whatever is provided by the tree. We eat fruits from the trees. We do not grow crops. This way we never have to cut down any trees. By not destroying the trees we get good rainfall every year. The rainfall helps sustain the trees and the forest,”  said Tom.

“The tree is our home,” continued Tom. “Our fathers and forefathers have lived on the tree. We get what we need to sustain from the tree.”

“I am amazed and in awe to see you and your people living on this tree,” said squirrel.

The squirrel and Mr. Bear bade their farewell to Tom. They went back to the other side.

“Isn’t it wonderful to see the little people on the tree,” said the squirrel.

“Indeed! They not only live on the tree, but they also sustain it by not destroying it,” said Mr.Bear.

“We have been cutting the trees in the forest to grow crops. How will we sustain without trees in the forest?” said the squirrel.

“It is important to save trees and the forest for us to be able to live a long life,” said Mr. Bear.

The squirrel agreed with Mr. Bear. They decided never to hurt a tree in the forest.

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