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Spoofy Wants to Grow Feet

snake on a log
Written by Uma Sharma

Spoofy the snake, lived with his parents in a forest. He liked to slither with his father to the forest’s market every morning. He played with other snakes by the lake in the evening. One day Spoofy went to visit the forest carnival with his parents. The carnival was full of animals. Spoofy saw a long necked giraffe, four baby bears , cheetah, monkeys in the carnival. He was surprised to see so many animals in one place.

After watching the carnival for sometime, Spoofy suddenly became sad. His father became worried. He had hoped that his son would be happy to see the carnival.

“What happened Spoofy? Why are you sad?” asked Papa snake.

“Nothing! I was just thinking,” said Spoofy.

“What are you thinking my son?” asked Papa snake.

“All the animals in the carnival have feet,” said Spoofy.

“Why does that make you sad?” asked Papa snake.

“I don’t have feet,” said Spoofy sadly.

“But you can move easily and swiftly, even without feet,” said Papa snake trying to cheer Spoofy up.

“Yes, I can move, but I can’t walk or run like other animals,” said Spoofy.

“Son, you can slither so fast; even faster than me. You should not worry about it,” said Papa snake assuringly.

“But Papa I want feet,” said Spoofy.

His father became quiet. He wanted to explain to Spoofy that snakes cannot walk, they can only slither. This is how nature has made them.

“Papa, you told me that everything grows in nature like trees, plants and flowers. Can I grow feet too,” said Spoofy.

“No you can’t grow feet my son,” said Papa snake.

“Why can’t I grow feet?” asked Spoofy

“Both me and your mother do not have feet, that is why you can’t grow feet,” said Papa snake.

“But I want to grow feet,” said Spoofy.

“There is a reason why some animals have feet and others like us do not have feet,” said Papa. “Tomorrow, I will take you to the lake.”

Next morning Spoofy and his father went to the lake.

“My son, can you see the fishes in the lake. Do they have feet?” asked Papa snake.

“No they do not have feet,” said Spoofy.

“Can you see how swiftly they move in the water,” said Papa snake.

Spoofy was surprised.

“Yes they swim very fast!” replied Spoofy.

“There is a reason fish do not have feet so they can swim in the water. Nature has given unique forms to each animal. This form helps us to survive in the world,” said Papa snake.

“Is there a special reason that snakes do not have feet?” asked Spoofy.

“Yes, there is. Everything that we can do is due to not having any feet. We can slither on the ground. We can also climb on trees and can swim in the water,” said Papa snake.

“If we had feet, we wouldn’t have been so swift,” said Spoofy cheerfully.

“Yes, my son!” said Papa snake lovingly.

Spoofy went back home happily with his father.

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