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The Future of The Present [SHORT STORY]

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It was a sunny Sunday noon. Pinky and Chotu were getting bored. They had watched enough of television and had finished their home works too. Just then Chotu remembered about his remote control car bought years ago. He quickly ran to the storage room and looked for his car. Pinky also followed him and joined in the search. As they were looking for the car, Pinky found a dusty and rusty old thing which resembled the remote of Chotu’s car.

“Chotu! look what I found!”

“Doesn’t this look like my car’s remote? But wait, this looks strange. Why are these tiny buttons here?”

“Wait Chotu! Don’t do anything! Let’s take it to dad and show him,” said Pinky.

“I wonder what happens if I press this…..” said Chotu, touching the button inquisitively.

“Don’t……!!!!!!” shouted Pinky warily. Too late! Chotu jabbed the button with his finger.

They both felt dizzy! The only thing they saw now was black, and green, and black, and green….. Their heads swirled, and they fainted instantly, only to regain consciousness when sharp piercing rays of sun hit their eyes. Rubbing their eyes, they were surprised to look at their surroundings. They were very new to them. No wonder – it was because they were in a completely new place!

“Hmm…What place is this Pinky?” Chotu looked around curiously,” and w…h…a…t is this?”

They saw a big steel castle with strange machines sticking out. The two of them stood in front of the massive doors – green, blue and red in color. They didn’t know which door to enter. They chose the blue door.

The door opened up to a vast deserted land. The place was so empty. No sign of people, it was all deserted, and the trees were hardly visible. There were only some tall thorny bushes. They stepped inside the door.

“How terrible!” Chotu said to Pinky, “there’s no greenery here at all! I wonder what place is this. Where have we come?”

When Pinky turned her head, she saw a huge shadow cast over them.

“ A….a……..a…… M…..O….….N……N….S….S…..T..T….E……R….R…!!” stammered Chotu. Both froze in terror for a second, and then started to run!

The monster chased them in whatever direction they ran. Soon both of them were so tired that they couldn’t move any more. Panting and breathing heavily, they stood in front of the monster, helpless. They looked closely at it and saw that it was made of junk, electronic waste and all kinds of garbage…. And….it stank “YUCK!”

“Please don’t do anything to us”, begged Pinky.

“Ha..Ha..Ha…” laughed the monster loudly, “I am the GARBAGE monster! And I was created by you – the humans. You dumped all your waste on the earth, polluted its beauty, threw electronic waste, cut down trees and created your own concrete jungles. And Here I am, as the result of all your reckless behavior and carelessness.”

Both of them were speechless and bowed down their heads in shame. There was complete silence for a while.

“Yes!” stammered Chotu “We are ashamed of our behavior. And now we realize the effect of our actions and irresponsibility. And our failure to save the earth.”

“Please leave us and let us go. We will see to it that hereafter everyone takes care of our environment and be responsible citizens.” said Pinky.

“That is not enough! How do I believe you selfish humans!“ roared the monster.

“Please believe us; we won’t exploit our nature anymore. We have seen the effect of our actions. We have seen the state of the earth in future, if we continue to exploit earth,” both begged in chorus.

As both of them were speaking to the monster, a strong air blew and pulled both of them back to their room. Rubbing their eyes, Chotu and Pinky realized that they had actually travelled ahead in time. What they had witnessed was the state of earth if humans did not protect the environment from pollution and dumping waste.

“Phewwww!” said Chotu, wiping sweat and coming back to reality.

“Wasn’t that very scary Chotu?”

“Of course! We should do something on our part to save our earth.”

“I have an idea! Why don’t we take a pledge to help protect our environment?”

“That’s a great idea Pinky!”

They both quickly sat with a pen and paper and started writing their pledge. Then they stood in front of their favorite Ganesha and read aloud their pledge.

“We, Pinky and Chotu hereby pledge from this moment on, to help save our earth by

  1. Not using plastic carry bags
  2. Not littering our surroundings
  3. Planting trees and help make our surroundings greener and cleaner
  4. Not wasting water and trying to save it
  5. Using only eco-friendly goods
  6. Insisting our friends and relatives to follow these methods to save our earth and make it cleaner, greener and safer.”

They ran to their friends to tell about their experience and spread their wonderful pledge.

Written by: Malini Venkataraman, Madurai

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