The Armchair Traveler: Journeying Around the World [POEM]

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Written by Arunima

For centuries my eyes
Did not cast their gaze
Upon the skies
Beyond the haze.

For centuries my feet
Did not dare tread
Across the threshold
Supporting the roof above my head.

For centuries the only song
That fell on my ears
Were the lullaby’s I sang
And the drops of my tears.

Till the day you sent
A little black book
I opened it to find a world
At which now I could take a look.

My eyes now saw
Horizons unseen
Forests and glades
Hues of yellow, blue and green.

My feet now stepped
On golden sands
Walked under green canopies
Tread on forbidden lands.

My ears now heard
The sound of the waves
Bach and Beethoven
And the drums in the caves.

You call it an object,
I call it a masterpiece
You paid a price for it,
Priceless it is for me.

My – Every woman in this world. Technology has opened up a whole new travel experience for all those women who are past their prime age for traveling, allowing them to experience the joys of travel from the comfort of their homes. 

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