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Mi Imaginacion [SHORT STORY]

Imagination of a kid
Written by Arjan G

DAY – 1

If this is life, I have just one word.

Screw This!

Well, two words actually.


DAY – 2

Well every story needs a legit intro. So, here’s mine. My name is Menma. Just Menma. My life is horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad. I also like trains.

My friends = ZERO.

People who know I exist – THREE (Just my family).

Number of games played = INFINITE

Number of Anime/Manga watched or read = INFINITE

So, there you have it. The shortest introduction possible!

Yay, I did it! Pop the champagne (too young for that). Bring me a bouquet of flowers and gold plated tigers! Heck, I dunno just get the man who plays Barry Allen in The Flash, get me a new…a new video game.

Why am I so random?

DAY – 3

Okay, so the craziest thing just happened today. Okay, crazy is an understatement; more like getting brain cut by a chainsaw. CRAZY!

All my video games and consoles had disappeared leaving a strange helmet that crazily looked like a nerve-gear from an anime called S.A.O. There was also a video game called Imagonia.

So guess what my stupid, stupid, stupid self just did? I put the game in and put the d**n helmet on! Even after watching how S.A.O. turned out. (Spoiler: Kirita puts the gear on and gets sucked in a game until he reaches a certain level). So, here I am sitting in the darkness right now feeling sleepy.

DAY – 4

Menma woke from his slumber in a pool of blood…!

Nah! Just kidding. I woke up in a bed that wasn’t my own, totally expected. But when I looked outside a window in my (not really mine) room, I saw something real weird. I saw two sides to a vast land. One side looked distinctively like the “Land of Ooo” from Adventure Time, while the other looked like the “Nether” with mountains of lava from Minecraft.

Wait, I just heard footsteps coming this way! Gotta go!

DAY – 5

Guess what? I.Just.Met.Steph! From No Game No Life! So she told me what the heck was going on. Basically my wildest dreams and nightmares exist in this game. So the nightmares have been waiting for me to come so they could wage war and gorge upon my entrails. Apparently, someone inside the nightmare zone is manipulating the nightmares. Steph wants me to prepare for war.

DAY – 6

So here the plan. The cute ‘n’ cuddly army will create a diversion while the Shinobi ninja will lead the oppression. Finn and Jake from Adventure Time will lead the Greeks and Romans from each side.

A roar sounded. The battle had started.

Me, Maria and Deadpool geared up on the “Millennium Falcon” and flew into thick fog. We saw pirates wearing boots with honey bees and fairies on them, banshees and ogres with killer chimneys? Finally we approached a cottage and cautiously opened the door.

“Hello” said a man, “I am the creator of this game and you, Menma, just finished the beta version. I wanted to ask you a question.

Would you rather go back to your old life where your family and friends await you, or stay here in an ocean of dreams and infinite possibilities?”


Arjan is a 10 year old from Gurugram. He studies in DPS International Edge School and is the 1st Prize winner of ‘Story Camps: Pen Your Story’ story-writing competition – 10-13 years category. 

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