Infidelity [SHORT STORY]

Young married couple holding hands, ceremony wedding day
Written by Anne Abraham

I looked through the partly opened door. I found her sliding through our old pictures. Her fingers paused on each one. I opened the door. Her light brown eyes did not express the least bit of surprise.

“Here comes the groom. Don’t you have a wife waiting for you right now?” her smile inquired of me.

I still didn’t realize why she had to leave me. We were flawless for one another.
We fitted perfectly like the black and white keys of a piano.
We made impeccable music together.
Our dream-catcher told very similar tales.
The same songs shuffled through our playlists.
We wanted to travel the world together.

And I called her my soulmate.

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Still she left crushing my heart to shards.

Devastating my last piece of hope.

Tear-sodden I asked her. “Can you come back?” She smiled. The same curve that made me fall in love with her once.

I leaned in to kiss her. We slept together that night knowing it will be our last.


I woke up to a loud knock in the morning.

“You slept here yesterday?” The woman facing me was in complete disbelief.

Her voice broke.

“We were going to move Sam’s stuff today. I don’t think you need them anymore.

It’s been seven years since the accident and you are married now Jerry, you have got to move on”, Sam’s mom reminded me.

“Go home Jerry.” Samantha waved from the balcony.

Reality stabbed me with its cruel, unforgiving knife. She had made a fool of me, once again.

She could never return to me. Not ever.

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