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Bell’s New Home – A Story for Children on Environment Awareness

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It is never too early to introduce environment awareness to your child.

This time ribbonworks has a short story showcasing hazards of plastics on freshwater turtles.

Bell was Zoe’s pet turtle and lived in a small town. When Zoe moved with her parents to a big city, she had to leave Bell behind at the lake.

Bell missed Zoe, but loved his new life at the lake. He even made new friends at the lake.

In the evenings, kids would come to the lake and play with Bell.

Bell was happy and content with his life.

But then, one day…his life turned upside down.

Watch the video to know what happened.

Plastics are very dangerous for freshwater animals such as turtles, fishes, etc. These animals mistake them as edible and eat them, leading them to a slow and painful death.

Remember this the next time you throw even the smallest bit of plastic into a pond or a lake.

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Further Reading for Parents

Many freshwater and ocean animals – turtles, seabirds, whales, fish, etc. gobble up plastic debris. A study shows that the reason for this is because plastic smells like food to them. Read more about this here and share it with your kids.


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