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The Boy Who Would Not Stop Throwing Rubbish – Short Story For Kids

Dog playing with a ball
Written by Arunima

Rishi lives on the top floor of the building.

He is 8 years old, a charming boy who loves two things more than anything in the world – his pup Neo and candies. In fact he loves them so much that they both accompany him everywhere he goes, one in his pockets and the other at his feet.

There is just one problem. Each time Rishi eats a candy or a chocolate, he does not bother looking for a dust-bin to throw the wrapper into. Instead he just throws it on the ground. Definitely not a good habit!

All his neighbors are tired of his habit of littering. Even the boys and girls who play on the pavement below are very angry. Because each time Rishi eats a candy, unwrap-unwrap-chomp-chomp and out goes the wrapper through the balcony or window, onto the pavement below.

So they all put their heads together and decide to teach him a lesson.

Next evening, the kids collect all the chocolate and candy wrappers from the pavement, dump them outside Rishi’s door and away they run.

“Rishi will never find out who put these wrappers here!” chuckles one of the girls.

Oh! But who is that, at the door sniffing at the wrappers?! Why, it’s Neo, Rishi’s pup. What is he doing now? Oh, he is eating one of the wrappers! He will choke!… He is choking!!! Someone help!!!

There come Rishi and his father. They see Neo and rush off with him to the vet.

They return home after an hour. The doctor managed to get the wrapper out of Neo’s throat. Neo was saved.

Rishi has learnt his lesson. That which happened to Neo, could happen to any dog, or any animal for that matter. He promised to be more careful in the future and never litter again.

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