When The Earth Speaks [POEM]

parched and dry earth poems
Written by Meenakshi S

Petrichor – the sweet fragrance of heat rising up from the earth, when the first raindrops strike it after months of sweat. And it is impossible to not burst into a song when surrounded by it.

After weeks and months of sweltering heat, we played host to Indra yesterday.Coming inside to chai and pakoras, standard Indian snacks that form an inevitable part of any rainy evening, we were drawn to the news on TV that showed the drought hit Marathwada. It was ironical, and the song in my heart was replaced with a cry of angst. While the rain god plays with us, he plays truant with yet others.



The parched earth looked up to the sky,

With a million questions in its eyes,

How long before respite came?

How long before the harvests of rice?


Desert Drought in Marathwada


The parched earth looked up to the sky,

With a dozen woes, where should it start,

How many more would it burn,

How many would it bury in its heart?


A drop of water for the little bird’s beak

A drop of water for the little boy’s lips

A drop of water for the famished soul

That left its body upon the tree.


Parched earth under a parched sky,

An infinite blue, an awning wry,

Waiting for the speck that would bring a smile,

How long before the sweet scent could sigh?


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