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The Undersea Adventure of The Blue Diamond [STORY]

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Written by Saksham T

Dear friends! Today we are going to read an underwater story about finding treasure and a delightful fish named Tory. Like stories? Let’s begin then….

Once upon a time, there was a mermaid, a crab, a sea-lion, a sea-horse and a sea turtle. They all lived together in the Great Pacific Ocean. One day as they were taking a nice cold swim, they came across a map to a treasure chest. On it was marked the Great Castle of Gold (GCG). But…there were no directions! So all the friends set off to find the Great Castle of Gold, prepared for a long swim in the ocean.

They swam for two days with no luck. On the third day, as they were swimming, they met a fish named Tory. She was lost and did not know the way home.

“Hey, can you guys help me get home?” Tory asked.

“Oh no. We can’t.” they replied.

“Come join us! We are going for a long swim to find a treasure.” Said the mermaid.

“Oh! I saw something sparkling on my way!” said Tory.

“Where did you see it?” shouted everyone excitedly.

“It was pretty far off.” Said Tory. “But I think I remember! I remember! I remember!” And she started swimming away.

Everyone followed Tory excitedly. After swimming for an hour, they reached the Great Castle of Gold.

“Now, we need to find the chest.” Said the mermaid.

Oh! I know. Let’s knock on the Castle door.” Said Tory.

So they all knocked on the door and waited.

Soon someone opened the castle door. It was the blue witch. The blue witch was a good witch. She was kind and helpful and beautiful. She had a silver and diamond tiara. All the friends were surprised to see such a beautiful witch. They thought all witches were bad.

“Hi. We are the sea creatures of the Great Pacific Ocean. We found a map to a treasure chest in the Great Castle of Gold and came here looking for it.” Said the mermaid.

“Welcome to the Great Castle of Gold.” Said the Blue Witch. “I am the guardian of this palace. I can let you take the treasure chest. But before that you will all have to complete a challenge.”

The sea creatures were all very happy to hear that. But they were also worried about what the challenge would be.

“Ooh! I love challenges!” said Tory.

The Blue Witch smiled and said, “In the castle garden, there is a very heavy Blue Diamond, which is guarded by an old mermaid. Legend says that whoever is able to pick up the Blue Diamond and put it back into the Great Castle of Gold can take the treasure chest. If you all are able to do that, I will let you take the treasure chest.”

The mermaid, crab, sea-lion, sea-horse and sea turtle set off towards the castle garden. There they saw an enormous diamond. An old mermaid was sleeping next to it.

The sea-lion walked up to the old mermaid and said, “Hello. We are here to try and take the blue diamond into the castle. May we?”

The old mermaid woke up and said, “Yes sure. But I have never seen anyone who could lift it! You may try if you want to.”

All the five friends tried picking up the diamond. But not one of them could move it an inch. Then Tory stepped up to try. The friends looked at her and said confusedly, “Ca-can you pick it up?”

Tory said, “I’ll try!” And, oh joy! She was able to lift the diamond with one hand! Everyone stared at her in wonder.

“Hey fellas, where do you want me to take this big piece of blue rock to?” asked Tory.

“Into the castle,” said everyone together.

They all walked in to the castle with the blue witch leading them. Inside the castle they placed the blue diamond inside McFee, the magical well.

The blue witch turned to the friends and Tory and said, “Congratulations, you can take the treasure chest. But since Tory was the one who picked up the Blue Diamond, you will have to make sure that she becomes a part of your group too.”

Then she turned to Tory and said, “I will give her a magical house. Whenever you go somewhere and lose your way, you just have to say, ‘Abra-ca-dabra, zippetty-zapp. Where is my home, come to me fast.’ And your house will appear in front of you. So you will never be lost again.”

All the six friends were now very happy. They took the treasure chest and the map and started swimming back home where they all lived together happily forever.

And that’s the end of this story! See you for another story next time…

In the meantime, this story was written for Colgate whom I thank for the wonderful characters in this story.

AN: This story was written (partly) and narrated (completely by my 6 year old, who loves all undersea creatures and adventure stories!)

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