Innocent Ambiguity [POEM]

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Written by Madhu Bairy

I tuck myself in, blissfully warm and at peace,

While you carry me selflessly, veiling the pain in smile,

Holding onto you, I pray this moment to never cease,

Do not let me face this world as it fails to beguile.

You seem to hear me and I see the sparkle in your eyes,

I feel myself safe as you shelter my presence within,

A soothing caress and a voice that never lies,

Strengthens me to fight the battle that will soon begin.

Then why are they mad and seething at you?

I ask with an innocence that makes you shed a tear,

You nod with a resolve and say there are only few,

But the world awaits you my child, so do not fear.


But deep down I know that I am not my brother,

Who made these people around rejoice in joy,

I am your likeness and just like you O mother,

For they resent me as I will never be born as a boy.

It is now that you clutch me tight and never let go,

And show the world and these eyes that we are one,

For every jeer and holler OUR answer will be a NO,

That I will face this world and then this battle will be won.

A resolute step… towards a new dawn

I will be with you my mother as you are now with me,

Together we will tread these paths for everyone to see,

I promise to make you proud and sure you will be,

To you I am ever grateful as you will now set me free…


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About the author

Madhu Bairy

I am a resident of Bangalore and a native of Kundapur. A self-confessed book worm, I always found any activity that involved reading and writing interesting apart from my academics. Reading is something that came quite naturally since my schooling days and that continued to grow over the years.
Writing to me is not a hobby, but something that I pursue passionately. A graduate in Textile Technology and a designer by profession, I find writing as an effective medium to convey my thoughts and opinions on anything and everything.

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