Glad To Be Simple [POEM]

beautiful swan in lake
Written by shailaja15

O girl! Of everyone’s dreams,
Do you know, they said – I should be your likeness,
Have that perfect smile of your highness,
Or that posture like eucalyptus trees.

Should have been born with those eyes doe-like,
Or that color bargained from a fluffy cloud,
And be like your beauty, ever wrapped, in youthful shroud…
Alas! Alas!you are not the one I want to be like.

I am happy for not being your image,
For not being the enchanting replica,
Or being one of many exotica,
I am instead proud of a different even if a simple visage.

I would rather have eyes capturing every nuance of feeling,
A smile always childlike, never perfect
Even a posture known for its bouncing joy, not for being erect
Oh god! I am just glad, to be a simple being.

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