Cultured Vultures [POEM]

vultures poems about society
Written by Kiran Jhamb

Can you hide a mountain by hanging a cloud over it?

Once I saw such a mountain

I could hear the harsh cries

Of many a vulture of our culture.

There were natural vultures also

Hovering,  searching, eager for food.

Their intentions were good

Because their intentions were natural.

Have you ever seen the unnatural?

Vultures dressed up in khaki or black coats

Waiting patiently in their offices

For charred bodies reeking of kerosene

Of  women in their bloom

Sent by happy parents to their husbands’ homes.

These blossoms, the new families burn

Then try to turn everybody’s attention

From the mountain of their crime

By hanging a cloud over it.

With bribes somehow, anyhow

They help to thicken this cloud.

The vultures of the family sans DIL,

Walking the traditional mill,

Are out scourging for fresh food.

Their intentions are good

They just want their family to prosper

The girl’s family to confer upon them the earthly goods.

Can you see through the cloud?

Can you hear the cries loud of the girl who dies

Burnt in the fire of their greed?

Can you erect a mountain

Over marshy, shaky grounds?

Unfriendly families using

The new women friendly laws

Are turning the ground gained to a deadly loss

Thereby rearing cynics gross.

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Kiran Jhamb

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    • Thanks for the comment. No where have I used the words ‘bride burning’. I lost my sibling to fire – for me stats are unimportant. Yes, there are many angles and they should all be looked into. Try reading my story at http:/www.induswomanwriting.com/changedspots.html .

      • Kiran, just read a piece of your heart. In fact, your comment reminded me of one discussion I had with my friend wherein we agreed upon one thing. Statistics matter only to those who look at them from an academic perspective. For victims and their kins stats have little relevance. So, lets say, some research says that 1 person dies of every 100,000 people who travel by air, per year. Now this is only 0.001%. But for the family of the victim, the percentage is 100.

        BTW, the link that you have shared is incorrect. Here is the correct link – http://www.induswomanwriting.com/the-changed-spots.html

      • You said you lost your sibling to fire..that doesn;t mean it is dowry death. Also no one should form an opinion based on one sided story..our problem is we form quick opinion when women are projected as victims

  • Thank you, Whiteball – for giving the correct link as well as the comment. That’s exactly what I had meant when I wrote ‘for me stats are unimportant.’

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