3 Indian works of Science Fiction that are MUST-READS

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‘War of the Worlds’, ‘I, Robot’, Frankenstein, Gulliver’s Travels – all these bring to mind pictures of impossible beings, worlds different from our own. Science fiction is a genre that kicks into action the reader’s imagination, exposing them to futuristic settings, science and technology, concepts such as rebirth and mutants, space and time travel, alien worlds and extraterrestrial beings.

Here we list 3 works by Indian authors that have explored the world of fiction through what is known as the “literature of ideas”

  1. GameWorld trilogy – Written by Samit Basu, the GameWorld trilogy – The Simoqin Prophecies, The Manticore’s Secret, The Unwaba Revelations, combines science fiction with Indian mythical characters, creating a reading experience that is more relatable for the Indian reader. His novel, ‘Turbulence’ appeared at no.2 on the list of hot new Amazon Science Fiction titles on the week of its release
  2. The Ramayana – The original epic has been the foundation of many discussions about the existence of a parallel universe and technology beyond what exists today, including flying vehicles and weapons of mass destruction.  It has also spawned a large number of works of speculative fiction. It remains, till date, one the most popular and most translated works of science fiction to originate in India.
  3. The Return of Vaman – Written by Jayant Narlikar, an Indian astrophysicist, internationally known for his work in cosmology. “The Return of Vaman” is easily one of the best science fiction novels to come out of India.

Let us know your favourite work of science fiction by an Indian author in the comments.

Disclaimer: We have included here only those works that are available in English. This is by no means an exhaustive list.


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