The Wanderer [POEM]

highwayman on a horse
Written by Isha M

A lone wanderer comes tip-tapping in the night. What does he find?

Lone in the night

Horse-feet approach

Tip-tapping, iron on stone…


A silver splash sprints

And bounds through a sliver of a stream.

A lone traveller

Lifts his head,

And calls out to the moonlit night.

A single call

But his cry is a silver-bell, sworn resonance,

Leaving ripples…clashes…And the spirits shaken.

Someone stirs..

The silent ones answer him,


The silver fades,

The shadows deepen,

And the moonlight fades, escapes to another night.


A silver wolf with wet paws,

Howls to the losing silver light.

A lone traveller

Sees the horse-ears prick up,

The horse hears the silent answer..and turns away.


Alone in the night,

Horse-feet retreat…

Tip-tapping, iron on stone.

the wandered poem by children

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