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The Uninvited Friend [SHORT STORY]

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It is always true that there will be someone, someone who will help us without our knowledge.

A boy in school – name, Arun – was a silent boy. He was studying in seventh grade and was a new boy in this class. He always felt lonely – in school, at home and everywhere… Because he didn’t have any friends – neither in his class nor in his life. As long as he could remember, he had been alone.

He was the son of a great business tycoon, but in school no one was aware of it. His appearance was totally different from others. His appearance was one of the reasons that no one was interested in being friends with him. He tried many ways to befriend his classmates but no one would accept him as a friend. He was different and even though he did not understand the reason, his classmates shunned him.

Now, there were many students in his class who were suffering from several issues, related to finance and medical. Arun took care to make arrangement to solve these problems whenever he heard of any. But nobody knew his secret. Nobody knew who was behind it.

One day, Arun’s picture and that of his father was printed in the newspaper because of their philanthropic work. All those people who was suffering from critical medical health issues as well as financial problems had been helped by them.

This news shocked Arun’s classmates. They realized that he was the person who had solved many of their critical problems and was the reason behind their happiness. They felt bad that they had shunned him and felt very guilty. The next day, as he entered the classroom they gave him a warm welcome and apologized to him. From that day, Arun had many friends.

We often ignore those who are different from us, without understanding the reason they are like that. If only we gave every person a chance, the world would have a lot more happiness. 

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