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The Bowman And The Lion | Aesop’s Fables

Bowman in a jungle open field
Written by Team Tell-A-Tale

A skilled bowman* once decided to go hunting deep in the forest. He was known for his accurate aim and all the animals were well aware of his skills. From the time they saw the bowman entering the forest, the animals started fleeing the forest in search of safe havens. They knew that if the archer saw them, he could kill them with one shot of his arrow.

There was a lion in the forest. He did not like the way all the animals started running for their lives. He decided to challenge the bowman. After all, he was the king of the forest. He moved towards the direction of the bowman. Upon seeing the bowman he roared loudly. The bowman was also exceptionally skilled in shooting arrows towards the direction of sound.

He readied his bow and arrow, and called out loudly, “I send thee my messenger, that from him thou mayest learn what I myself shall be when I assail thee ( Here! I am first sending my messenger. My messenger should be able to convey you my abilities)”. Saying this, the bowman shot an arrow in the direction of the lion’s roar.

The arrow hit the lion and injured him badly. Shocked by the sudden attack, the lion lost his heart and started running for his life. A fox was watching all the events from a distance. It decided to have a word with the lion.

The fox stopped the lion and told him that being the king of the jungle, it did not serve him right to leave the fight like a coward. He should go back and face the attacker with courage.

The lion replied, “You counsel me in vain; for if he sends so fearful a messenger, how shall I abide the attack of the man himself? (While you advise me to face the bowman, just pause and think for a moment. If the messenger of the bowman was so lethal, just imagine how powerful and lethal would be his ‘attack’).


Moral: It is important to stay cautious of those who can strike from a distance. Also, choose your advisors carefully.

* Bowman = Archer

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