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Snow White and the Good Witch [FAIRY TALE RE-TOLD]

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Written by Arunima

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away (for all fairy tales begin like that) a queen gives birth to a baby girl. The girl is beautiful, with “skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony”.  They name her Snow White. Sadly, the queen dies after giving birth to her. Soon after, the king marries again. The step-mother envies Snow White as she is the fairest maiden in the whole land. She hatches a plan. She tells the King that Snow White was going away to live with her Aunt for some time. The she orders a huntsman to take Snow White to the forest, kill her and bring back her heart and liver as a proof. The huntsman takes Snow White into the forest but is unable to kill her as he was loyal to the old queen.  So he leaves her in the forest with a promise that she will never return to the palace.

After wandering in the forest for days, Snow White discovers a tiny cottage. She knocks, but finds no one at home.
Since she is hungry, she enters the cottage and eats some food from the kitchen. She looks around the house and finds the whole place in a mess. So she sets about tidying up the place. Soon the birds and animals living in the forest join her and help her in her work. The cottage belongs to seven dwarfs. As evening falls, the dwarfs return home. They are surprised to find Snow White there. After she tells them her story, they invite her to stay with them.

Meanwhile, the evil step-mother discovers with the help of her Magic Mirror, that Snow White is still alive and is living in the forest. She poisons an apple and, dressed as a farmer’s wife, goes to the dwarfs’ cottage and offers it to Snow White. Snow White takes a bite and falls into an eternal sleep.

The dwarfs return and are surprised to find Snow White lying on the floor. They take Snow White to the good witch of the forest. The good witch places some herbs on Snow White’s forehead and Snow White wakes up. She tells the good witch all that happened with the farmer’s wife. The good witch looks into her Mirror of Truth and finds out that it was actually the evil stepmother who was disguised as the farmer’s wife and poisoned Snow White.

Along with Snow White and her seven dwarfs, the good witch goes to the palace, and shows the king the truth in her Mirror. The king is shocked and angry and throws the evil step-mother into the dungeon as a punishment. He decides to make Snow White the ruler of his kingdom. Snow White and her friends, the seven dwarfs, then live in the palace happily ever after.

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