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Panchatantra Story – The Monkey and The Wedge

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Written by Team Tell-A-Tale

Once upon a time in a town, a rich merchant decided to build a temple in his courtyard. He assembled many skilled workers and laid the foundation for the temple. The work of building the temple began. There were many masons and carpenters employed by the merchant to make the building. They would work throughout the day, cutting up wood, sculpting stone and laying bricks.

These workers would take some time off for lunch every afternoon. One day, when the workers left for their usual lunch break, a group of monkeys approached the building site and began playing with the tools that the workers had left around.

One of the monkeys caught sight of a wedge that was fixed to a partly sawed log of wood to prevent it from closing up.

Curious to know what it was, the monkey climbed on to the log of wood and began furiously tugging at the wedge. At last the wedge came off, trapping the legs of the monkey into the rift of the log.

The monkey tried every possible way to pull his legs out of the log, but in vain. He was in a lot of pain and called out to his friends. But no one could get his legs out of the log. Very soon the monkey died.

Moral: One who meddles in affairs that do not concern him will always meet a sad end. 

(Story Adapted from: Stories from Panchatantra)

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