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Childhood Without Constraints [POEM]

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Written by Saksham T

Childhood is fleeting. Kids view the world differently than adults. Maybe it’s time adults learn to enjoy a free childhood with kids. After all, it won’t last forever. 

There was a time when I found joy, scribbling in my notebook,

When school started at eight, and ended at twelve,

When I could color an apple either green or grey,

When at home I could just sleep, read or play.


Those were kindergarten days, things have changed,

I,M and O are not just alphabets but exams,**

While I weigh 23 kgs, my bag weighs 16,

All homework now needs to be tidy and clean.


Mother says, “Grow up! Don’t spill the milk.”

Father says, “Walk fast, else we will be late.”

Oh! Mighty heavens, am only seven,

Will learn these things when I turn eleven.


But am glad somethings haven’t changed,

All my friends are still as crazy as me,

Aspiring to grow Big and Strong as a mahogany tree,

If only…our adults leave our childhood FREE!


Don’t expect us to grow too fast, too soon,

Sometimes it’s more fun being among the last.

Ignore our honest mistakes without reason or rhyme,

Come, enjoy with us this fabulously golden time.

** Reference to International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

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