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The Ant and The Dove – An Aesop’s Fable

The ant and the dove Aesop's Fables
Written by Team Tell-A-Tale

Once an ant was drinking water at the bank of a river. Suddenly a huge wave lapped at him and he fell into the water. The tiny could not swim against the strong current and reach the shore.

A dove sitting in a tree near the river bank saw the ant struggling in the water. The dove plucked a leaf from the tree, flew over to where the ant was and threw the leaf into the water.

The ant climbed on to the leaf and floated safely to the river bank.

Shortly afterwards, a bird-catcher came to the river to catch birds. He laid out a net and started spreading twigs and grains on the net.

The ant watched the bird-catcher and understood his intentions. He crawled up to the bird-catcher and stung him the foot.

The bird-catcher cried out loudly in pain. The dove heard the bird-catcher and flew away to safety.

Moral: A good deed never goes unnoticed. 

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