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Aesop’s Fables – The Crow and The Fox

the crow and the fox aesop's bedtime stories fable
Written by Team Tell-A-Tale

Once a big, black hungry crow was flying around looking for food. He came across a big piece of bread lying on the ground and picked it up in his beak. He then flew to a tree nearby and perched on its branch. He looked forward to eating the bread.

A fox passing by, saw the crow perched on the tree with the bread in his beak.

The fox thought to himself, “Mmmmm. That bread looks so tasty. I have to find a way to get it from the crow.”

The fox walked up to the tree and said, “Oh crow, you are looking so handsome today. Your feathers are so glossy and sparkling. You look like the king of the birds. I am sure your voice is as majestic as your presence.”

The crow was pleased to hear his praise. But he could not say a word because of the bread in his beak.

The fox continued, “Oh king of the birds! Do let me have the pleasure of hearing you sing. I will be the most blessed fox.”

The crow, who had never heard such praise, could no longer control himself.

He stretched his neck, raised his head to the sky and began to caw loudly.


Down fell the bread right into the waiting fox’s mouth.

The crow was left cawing while the fox gobbled up the bread.

Moral: Beware of flattery.

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